Jollof Battle





Want to be featured in our "Jollof Rice Battle" episode? Know any chefs who want to throw down? Want to be a judge? Let us know! In the meantime, get excited for the Jollof Battle coming in March 2018 and our concept trailer coming this February. You won't want to miss it. 

Battle Details

Stay tuned we are going to include special secret ingredients picked by our Jollof Battle Donors!

Jollof Rice Battle

Coming Soon - March 2018 - Houston, Texas!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Jollof Battle and to the production cost for our concept trailer and mini season 1.5 on Kickstarter. We've been busy filming but now we're ready to throw down in the kitchen! Our Jollof Battle, and all good battles are a longtime coming, is coming this March 2018 and will be filmed in Houston, TX. 

The cast of the "Nneka The Uber Driver" is going to make jollof rice, simple as that. And we are going to have non-biased judges decide who makes the best jollof. 

There's been so much drama over who makes the best jollof rice, Nigerians or Ghanaians. This is the ultimate competition to determine once and for all who is THE BEST. This iconic show-down WILL be filmed for all to see!

Judges - Evelyn from the Internets, Carlos O'Leary, Wowo Boyz (Ofili Nonso and Andrew Ogale.


Thank you to all of our Jollof Battle Donors.

  • Daniel Lendzian

  • Arkisha Gathright

  • Cheryl Doyle

  • Beth Consetta Rubel

  • Evelyn Ngugi

  • Jeneh Sayers

  • Elaine Maiko

  • Davon Williams

  • Star Tiko

  • Danea

  • Shalini Pammal

  • Hadiya Evans

  • Gem2flyy

  • Kia Alexander

  • Adrienne White

  • Stephone B

  • Tamara Curl-Greene

  • Tamira Greene

  • Sheldon Darnell

  • Ilbersalle

  • Stephanie Lyons

  • Faith Izuegbu

  • Ngozi K

  • Will Mosley

  • Carlos Castillo

  • Azzie Williams

  • Gabi Padilla

  • Krishnan Vasudevan