The Siblings: Obi, Nneka, Chi Chi

The Siblings: Obi, Nneka, Chi Chi


Web Series (a short collection of episodes), Comedy


Nneka, the oldest, and a Harvard graduate, was on track to follow her mother's dreams and attend medical school and become a doctor. Now, she's an Uber driver. And mom's found out. And so have her twin siblings. As she comes to terms with not being the "perfect" Nigerian-American, she is forced to look for what her true purpose in life may be. Nneka is on a  journey of discovering her truth and is taking steps towards loving herself. Part of her growth is learning that she has to follow her heart and let go of trying to appease others. 

Starring Nikki Ease as "Nneka"

Directed by Fum Fum Ko

Produced by Fum Fum Ko and Nikki Ease

Written by Nikki Ease and Fum Fum ko